Movie viewer audience in Kutaisi on 89% consists of people under 40 years, with most of them (65%) - in the age of 18-29 years. But even this is not important.

The cinema «Sakartvelo» audiences go to see only new movies that have just appeared in the box office. The desire for everything new - is the main feature of the early adopters! In the language of marketing, early adopters - are "early adopters" who will all try and accept new ideas, new technologies, new products; it is their opinion, their response will largely depend on whether the new product will be further distribution (new customers). Their emotions, sensitivity and openness to everything new - a pledge interest in your campaign.


The average viewer running in front of TV "falls" in order to just relax after a hard day's work. Outdoor advertising and radio often "brighten" the time motorists stuck in traffic jams on weekdays during peak hours. Make your way to the consciousness of the human being in such conditions is quite difficult.

There is an opposite situation with people who have purchased a ticket for a movie: They purposefully come to relax, have fun along the way to do Sunday shopping, to communicate with children. And here advertising, uniquely, will be positive and less critical and perceived better remembered.


Possibility of precise targeting cinema «Sakartvelo» is evident. So, cartoons, for sure, will gather at the screens children, fantasy - it is, for the most part, the genre for youth, melodrama mostly like women and etc. Thus, the exact hit recipe in the target segment - well thought-out selection of films. Hardly any other advertising medium allows as easily juggle audience characteristics.


Advertising in cinema «Sakartvelo» - an important component of marketing communications, the uniqueness of which can not be overstated. The complexity of the impact, a clear target, high memorability messages - these are the main advantages of this medium. It does not matter whether you decide tasks on the conclusion of a new brand or the improvement of the well-known image of the product - the qualitative advertising message, selecting the proper set of carriers and registered repertoire at the time of advertising visibility campaign among your audience is assured.


  • Placement of commercials before the film shows in cinema halls.
  • Installation of promotional stand in the foyer of the cinema.
  • Distribution of advertising printed materials (flyers, business cards) cashiers theater, with each selling tickets.
  • Conduct promotions in the foyer of the cinema.
  • Placement of an advertising module on the reverse side of the cinema ticket.
  • Branding cinema theater.
  • Branding cups for popcorn.
  • Advertising on the official website.
  • Advertising on a monitor measuring 12 by 4 meters on the facade of the building.
  • Placing advertising banner on the walls inside the cinema.
  • Placing an advertising banner on the cinema facade.